TABLE 5. Prehospital Stroke Identification Instruments

Reprinted from Kothari et al,27 with permission from Elsevier. Copyright 1999.
Los Angeles Prehospital Stroke Screen
    Last time patient known to be symptom free, Date _____ Time _____
    Screening criteria
        Age >45 yYesUnknownNo
        No history of seizures or epilepsyYesUnknownNo
        Symptoms present <24 hYesUnknownNo
        Not previously bedridden or wheelchair boundYesUnknownNo
            If unknown or yes
        Blood glucose 60 to 400 mg/dLYesNo
        Facial smile grimaceNormalRight droopLeft droop
        GripNormalRight weakLeft weak
No gripNo grip
        Arm strengthNormalRight driftLeft drift
Right fallsLeft falls
        Based on examination, patient has unilateral weaknessYesNo
            If items are yes or unknown, meets criteria for stroke
Cincinnati Prehospital Stroke Scale
    Facial droop
        Normal—both sides of face move equally
        Abnormal—one side of face does not move as well as the other
    Arm drift
        Normal—both arms move the same or both arms do not move at all
        Abnormal—one arm either does not move or drifts down compared to the other
        Normal—says correct words with no slurring
        Abnormal—slurs words, says the wrong words, or is unable to speak