Table 5.

Association of Risk Factors With Ischemic Stroke and Composite of Ischemic Stroke and TIA by Multivariate Analysis

ParameterHazard Ratio (95% CI)P Value
Ischemic stroke
 Age ≥65 vs <65 y3.58 (1.82–7.05)0.0002
 History of stroke/TIA/presence of carotid disease2.18 (1.23–3.88)0.008
 Lp(a) by tertiles
  Highest vs lowest tertile2.31 (1.00–5.30)
  Middle vs lowest tertile2.80 (1.25–6.26)0.042
 Randomization assignment
  Combination vs statin alone1.74 (0.97–3.11)0.063
Ischemic stroke or TIA
 Age ≥65 vs <65 y2.56 (1.54–4.27)0.0003
 History of stroke/TIA/presence of carotid disease2.76 (1.74–4.38)<0.0001
 Lp(a) by tertiles
  Highest vs lowest tertile2.30 (1.19–4.42)
  Middle vs lowest tertile2.49 (1.31–4.73)0.0156
  • CI indicates confidence interval; and TIA, transient ischemic attack.