Table 4.

Prehospital Evaluation and Management of Potential Stroke Patients

RecommendedNot Recommended
Assess and manage ABCsDo not initiate interventions for hypertension unless directed by medical command
Initiate cardiac monitoring
Provide supplemental oxygen to maintain O2 saturation >94%
Establish IV access per local protocolDo not administer excessive IV fluids
Determine blood glucose and treat accordinglyDo not administer dextrose-containing fluids in nonhypoglycemic patients
Do not administer medications by mouth (maintain NPO)
Determine time of symptom onset or last known normal, and obtain family contact information, preferably a cell phone
Triage and rapidly transport patient to nearest most appropriate stroke hospitalDo not delay transport for prehospital interventions
Notify hospital of pending stroke patient arrival
  • ABCs indicates airway, breathing, and circulation; IV, intravenous; and NPO, nothing by mouth.